Zur Nutzung verschiedener Software in Studium, Lehre und Forschung hat die Bauhaus-Universität Weimar und die Ständige Arbeitsgruppe Software Thüringen (SAGS) Verträge für diverse Software-Produkte geschlossen und finanziert. In der Übersicht finden Sie, welche Softwareangebote einzelnen Gruppen zur Verfügung stehen.

Campus Contracts

Software with campus licenses paid for by the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
This software can only be installed on computers that are connected to the university network and may only be installed on Bauhaus-Universität Weimar computers!

Requests for software can be sent to susanne.ost[at]

Student Licenses

Lizenzen für Forschung und Lehre

Research and Teaching

Products/CompanyType of LicenseIntended PurposeCostFeatures
AdobeState contract, rental licensesWeb, print and video programmesCentrally financed rental costs

Software available upon request (employees only) Prices --> susanne.ost[at]

AdobeState contract
for AcrobatPro
Creating and editing PDFsNoneContact your department administrator.
(Fluent, Maxwell3d)
State contract
limited (server)
purchase, maintenance
Comprehensive FEM-based product development simulation applications.Free network license
ArchicadFree for students und instructors
AutoStudio, Maya
State contract3D designFree network license
Autodesk CAD
3dsMax, Revit, Inventor pro, Civil3D, Map
State contractCADFree network license
Studio 6
Single userRecording courses/lecturesCurrently no available licenses
CatiaState contractProduct DesignFree network license
CitaviCampus ContractLiterary research

Free for students and instructors

State contractMaths and science problem-solving software Finite element method problems (Unix, Linux, Windows)Free network license
CorelBundesvertragGraphicsPrices available upon request to Susanne Ost
EndNoteState contractLibrary researchFree for students and instructors
Esri-ArcGISState contractGIS SoftwareNone
NI: Lab View

State contract
MAPLEState contractMaths, simulationFree network license
MathcadState contractMathsFree network license
MathematicaState contractMathsFree network license
MathTypeCampuslizenzenFormula editorNoneLimited number of licenses / not available to students
MATLAB State contractMaths, simulationFree network license
Microsoft products (Selected)State contractServer, system and application softwarePrices available upon request to Susanne Ost

Microsoft IMAGINE
(former DreamSpark)


Faculty contracts for Architecture, Civil Engineering and Media

Server, system and application software
» User Instructions
Free for participating faculties’ pool computersvia the respective faculty IT manager
A: Jens Knüpfer
B: Klaus Bartosch
M: André Bernhardt
Free for the private use of students and staff involved in research and teaching

1. Select your faculty
2. Login using your university username and password

(software service)
Campus ContractCloud storage and collaborative workNone
Novell MLAState contractNetware a.o.None
OriginState contractMeasurement data analysisFree network license
Creo ElementsProCampus license
CADNoneLicense code per PC
Scientific WorkplaceState contract
Online publishingNoneLicense code per PC
Sigma-PlotState contractScientific charts and diagramsFree network license
SophosState contractVirus protectionNoneDownload
SPSSState contractStatistics Free network licenseLimited number of single-user licenses
(software service)
State contractText recognitionNoneFor instructors to check work
VectorworksCAD programme for Apple Macintosh and Windows by NemetschekFree for students and instructors