13. Reduce attack vector

If possible, install only the applications, plugins or services you really need. A reduction to the essentials facilitates the maintenance (timely installation of security updates) and facilitates an overview of the whole system. If possible, only give apps on smartphones the necessary permissions. Deactivate communication connections that are not required (switch off Wifi or Bluetooth if not in use).

Subsequent deactivating/ removal of services in Windows should only be performed by advanced users because many services are interdependent, disabling services can have a far-reaching impact on the behavior of the whole System or undermine the security of the system.

At managed Workstations the coordination with the IT staff of the own organizational unit is always necessary before deactivation of system services. This is intended to prevent services that are necessary for operation and administration, to be deactivated, or to make troubleshooting problems much more difficult.

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