Each student and staff member of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar is provided a personal e-mail address, created as follows:


This address is routinely used by faculties/departments to send important information to members of the university. Therefore, we strongly recommend logging in to your account on a regular basis. If you wish to use a private e-mail address, please set up the automatic forwarding function. In exceptional cases, it is possible to make changes to the e-mail address which you are issued.

Reading your e-mails with one programme

If you wish to view your e-mails using a programme like Outlook, SeaMonkey, Netscape or Thunderbird, you will first have to configure the programme accordingly. For configuration examples, please click on the respective PDF files in the right column.

Using the central e-mail address book (LDAP)

If you wish to use the central e-mail address book for university staff members, you must first configure your e-mail programme to communicate with the LDAP server. Your programme will require the following information:

Host name: ldap.uni-weimar.de
Basis-DN: o=uni-weimar
Port: 389

The server can only be accessed within the university network (also via VPN).


With your web browser, you can access the e-mails sent to your university account at: https://webmail.uni-weimar.de
Webmail allows you to log into your account from anywhere in the world. All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser.

Mail forwarding / Out of Office message

Our system allows you to either forward your mails to a private account, or automatically reply with a personalised Out of Office message.

To create an Out of Office message, click here.
To permanently forward e-mails to another account, click here.