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All students and employees of the Bauhaus-Universität have a personal e-mail address according to the scheme firstname.lastname@uni-weimar.de. The faculties and departments of the Bauhaus-Universität use this address as standard for sending official information. The e-mail inbox should therefore be checked regularly.
Employees receive the groupware service »Exchange« for e-mail use and thus support for mail, calendar and contact management.

View e-mail account

Checking and editing e-mails
With »Webmail« or »OWA« you can retrieve and edit your e-mails. Access from on the road and anywhere in the world is also possible. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser. You can find access for students and employees in the login area on this page.

Reading e-mails with a program
If you want to check your e-mails with a program such as »Outlook«, »Thunderbird«, »Mail (Apple)«, a configuration of the corresponding program is necessary.

The instructions for the configuration can be found as PDF documents in the download area of this page. The details of the server data (server name, port, SSL, ...) for entry during configuration can be found in the instructions themselves or on the page »Connectivity«.

Set up mail forwarding

If you would like to set up automatic mail forwarding to an external address, please proceed as described in these instructions.

Further Information

Use of the central mail address book (LDAP)

To be able to use the central mail address book for employees, you must configure the interface to the LDAP server in your e-mail program. The necessary information is:


The server can only be accessed within the university network (or with VPN).