Ph.D. programme and Dr. phil.

verschwommende Menschen auf Treppe; Foto: Michael Braun

Doctoral degree programme (Ph.D.) Kunst und Design (Art and Design) – Doctor of Philosophy

This doctoral degree programme offers advanced academic qualification to artists and designers who have already attained a master‘s degree or Diplom from a college/university of art or design. The three-year programme concludes with a doctoral thesis, equally comprised of a scientific part and artistic/design part.

With this requirement the Faculty of Art and Design offers a PhD degree like no other in Germany with dual qualification in both practical and academic areas. Both qualifications can be applied to the field of teaching and instruction, art exhibition, cultural event management, or at cultural institutions.

Mentoring system and academic programme
Each doctoral candidate is personally supervised by two university professors for the duration of his/her studies, whereby one mentor is responsible for the scientific and the other for the artistic/design focus of the degree programme. One of the two mentors must come from the Faculty of Art and Design or the Faculty of Media of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. The second mentor may come from another faculty or university. The curriculum of the three-year degree programme is chiefly designed to support the candidate‘s scientific research, conducted in concentrated periods of two weeks each during the academic term. The programme is largely comprised of a graduate seminar, graduate colloquium and courses in the areas of key qualification. These are supplemented by additional courses (seminars, projects, conferences, workshops), prepared and conducted by the candidates themselves. 

Promovieren im Ph.D.-Studiengang »Kunst und Design« an der Fakultät Kunst und Gestaltung

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