Manage print account

Students of the Bauhaus-Universität and the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar receive an electronic print account (without credit) at the beginning of their studies, which is assigned to the personal user ID. Together with the personal user ID and a validated and active »thoska« card, it entitles the student to use the print service.

Management of the personal print account

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar provides the accounting system »aQrate« for the accounting of printing costs. With the personal print account, the printing costs for all users can be charged according to the user. This is relevant, for example, if the billing is to be done as a student or as an employee of the university. The display, adjustment and compilation of personal settings, jobs, credits and reports can be done independently via the web frontend of »aQrate«. The frontend is only accessible from the internal network of the Bauhaus-Universität, therefore an active VPN connection is required.

Charging the print account

In order to use the central printers in the public area of the campus or the plotters in the PC pools of the SCC, you must have credit on your print account. Users can load credit onto the print account at the terminals on campus and with the personal »thoska«. The following steps are necessary for booking a sum of money to the personal print account:

  1. The requirement for use is the personal user IDand an active and validated »thoska« card.
  2. In the next step, book an amount of money onto your »thoska« cardat one of the charging terminals.
  3. Then a transfer of the desired amount must be made from your »thoska« card to the print account. This step can also be done at the self-service terminals or alternatively at the Pool Service office.

The charging terminals can be found across the campus at the following locations:

Locations of charging terminals
  • Service Center for Computer Systems and Communication (SCC), Steubenstraße 6a, 2. Floor/Hallway
  • University Library, Steubenstraße 6, Level +1/Raum F102
  • Teaching premises, Marienstraße 1A (Old building), 2. Floor/Hallway
  • Teaching premises, Amalienstraße 13, Ground floor /Hallway
  • Location: Steubenstraße 6, Level -1/Room F1K01
    This can be used without authentication and is only unlocked after money has been inserted.


Accounting of printing costs

With the authentication via the personal user ID at the public devices, the PCs in the pools of the SCC or the faculties, the assignment to the personal print account takes place. In this way, billing can take place directly via the personal print account.

Printouts with the plotters can only be paid for with the »thoska« in the Pool Service office.

A price overview for the individual formats and materials can be found on the SCC pages on printing.

Further information can be found in the »User information on payment for print jobs at the Campus Weimar« in the download area on this page.

Accounting for employees (»area payers«)

In the accounting system, users are classified according to their primary affiliation either as »self-payers« or »area payers«. For »self-payers«, the debit is made from the personal print account, for »area payers« from the account of the assigned structural unit. It is not technically possible to assign several print accounts.

The assignment as »area payer« is made in the personnel administration system of the Bauhaus-Universität for registered employees with the exception of auxiliary staff. All other users are automatically »self-payers«, i.e. the debit is made from the personal print account.

Assignment as an »area payer« is possible upon applicationThe request must be submitted to the SCC User Service by e-mail or ticket, stating first name, surname and log-in. The request may be made by authorised persons, managers or fund managers of an institution.

The printing authorisation for area costs can be revoked in the same way in the form of an application to the SCC User Service. The status as »area payer« remains until the application is processed and thus the status is revoked.