protection (antivirus)

The universities in Thuringia have collectively licensed the malware protection products by Sophos. Only members of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and the College of Music FRANZ LISZT are entitled to use the provided software for the duration of the license term. Students and employees of both institutions are allowed to install the home-use version on their personal computers free of charge as long as they are enrolled or employed by these institutions. Sharing the software with external users is forbidden. Each user is personally liable for any infringement of the conditions of the license. The Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and the SCC disclaim any liability for misconduct on the user’s part.

Installing and using »Sophos Endpoint and Server Protection« – NOT FOR PRIVATE USERS

Please always coordinate the installation with the IT contact persons of the area. Administrative rights are required for the installation. (Note: The download is only possible from the IP area of the university!)

Malware protection is managed via »Sophos Central« and the policies and settings stored there.

Installation for »Windows«

Installer »Windows«: Link

Installation for »macOS«

Installer »macOS«
Please use the link of the respective own area:

  • Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism: Link
  • Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering: Link
  • Faculty of Art and Design: Link
  • Faculty of Media: Link
  • SCC: Link
  • UB: Link
  • ZUV: Link
  • HfM: Link

Notice: If after installation it is reported that some services are not running, please refer to the following: PDF document.

ATTENTION: When upgrading to »macOS Ventura«, the following advice in the »Sophos Knowledgebase« should be followed: Link

Installation for »Linux«

Installer »Linux«: Link


  • Extract
  • Run the installer as follows:
    • Change to the Downloads directory.
    • Change the file permissions to include "Run":
      chmod +x
    • Run the installer
    • If you are not logged in as »root«, run the installer with the sudo command:
      sudo ./
  • Instruction »SOPHOS Protection for »Linux«: Link


Employees and students of Thuringian state universities have the right to use Sophos Home Premium malware protection on systems that are privately owned. The software is provided via a link in the manual.

The application for a home-use license runs individually directly via Sophos, stating first name, last name, university e-mail address. The verification of the right of use takes place via the e-mail domain of the university ( or 

The Endpoint Protection of the Home-Use license may be installed on up to 10 private devices at a time. 

A step-by-step guide only in German (PDF) can be found here: LINK
Please note the information on data protection from page 7.

In the instructions, the e-mail address was used as an example.

Please note that the protection software offered here differs fundamentally from that used on official systems. The SCC does not provide support for the home-use version.