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All employees of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar are provided with the groupware solution »Exchange« for e-mail use. Beyond personal use, this groupware offers various functions for team collaboration such as group calendars, shared address lists, contacts and tasks. The use of »Exchange« is possible after application to the SCC user service.

General usage instructions

  • Usable applications: This groupware is a »Microsoft« product. For this reason, the full range of functions is only available with a » Microsoft« client.
    For more information, see the  »Usable Clients and their Setup« section on this page.
  • Release note: »Exchange Server« 2016
  • E-mail appendices: are possible up to a size of 50 MB.
    To send larger files, please use the service »Gigamove«.
  • Use with mobile devices is generally possible.
    The »Outlook-App« available for iOS and Android is blocked on the »Exchange« server due to serious security flaws and cannot be used. Please configure an »Exchange« account on your mobile device.
    The administrators of the »Exchange« server can block mobile devices if necessary (e.g. in case of theft). During the setup of an »Exchange« account, you must give your consent for this. If you do not wish to do this, you can also use the »OWA« web client on mobile devices. 
    No support is provided for private devices.
  • Spam Policy: Information can be found on the page Spam filtering at the Bauhaus-Universität .

Usable clients and their setup

  • The SCC currently installs the following on the centrally administered computers (ZDM) »Microsoft Outlook 2016«.
  • For working with Mac computers, the »Outlook« client is recommended.
  • On mobile devices, the mailbox can be added as an »Exchange« account.
  • The web client »OWA« can be used on all devices in all common browsers.

Computers and laptops centrally managed by SCC - working with »MS Outlook« mail program

The employees of the administration (GWB) are automatically provided with »MS Outlook« as a mail program. A separate installation and configuration is not necessary. Logging on to the service is done by entering we\YourUsername and password after opening »Outlook«.

The employees of the administration (GWB) are automatically provided with »MS Outlook« as a mail program. A separate installation and configuration is not necessary. Login to the service is done by entering we\yourUsername and your password after opening »Outlook«.

E-mail, calendar, address book, tasks, reminders, notes and own contacts can be used immediately.

»Exchange 2016 – OWA« web client

You can work with your mailbox using the web client »OWA« also without an installed mail program. You will find access to »OWA« in the login area on this page.

The login is done by username and password. An absence note could also be set up via »OWA«. The address book of the »OWA« only contains »Exchange« users of the Campus Weimar. For more information, see  »Functions« → »global address list« section on this page.

Functional mailboxes (shared box) can also be edited via »OWA« (not on smartphones).

Dezentral (nicht vom SCC) betreute Rechentechnik

Installing the e-mail account:
If you use »MS Outlook« as your mail client, please set up your mailbox with the assistant:

  1. Add account → Please enter only e-mail address (firstname.lastname@uni-weimar.de) →
  2. Button Next → the mailbox is automatically connected when you enter we\yourUsername and password in the login dialogue box

The individual steps for installation can be found in the »Anleitungen« section on this page.

The SCC does not provide support for setting up and handling MAC installations! The »Exchange« account can also be used via your browser (e.g. Safari) using the »OWA« web client.

You get the full range of functions when using the »Outlook« client from Microsoft. However, you can also connect your »Exchange« account to an »Apple« mail client.

Usage of the»Exchange« account via »IMAP«:
Please send a request for activation via »IMAP« to our user service (nutzerservice[at]uni-weimar.de) , stating your user name or e-mail address, a brief justification and endorsement of your line. The SCC will inform you about the activation.

Please note that the groupware functions (calendar, contacts for teamwork) cannot be used with IMAP. The »Exchange« account can also be used via your browser using the »OWA« web client.

The SCC does not provide support for private mobile devices!

The connection of the »Exchange« account to your mobile device may differ from operating system version to operating system version or from device type to device type.

The »Outlook client from Microsoft« (»Outlook app«) available for iOS and Android is blocked by our service provider on the Exchange server due to serious security deficiencies and cannot be used.

The »Exchange« account is used either via browser access via »OWA« or an »Exchange« account is configured on the mobile device.
Only the first calendar of the mailbox and the personal mailbox can be used mobile.


Settings → Accounts → Add account → »Exchange«

General specifications:
Server for incoming e-mails: group.uni-weimar.de (via IMAPs, Port 993)
Server for outgoing e-mails: mailgate.uni-weimar.de
Username: yourUsername
Password: Password
Exchange e-mail address: yourUsername@uni-weimar.

If you are asked to login to the domain, you must enter we\yourUsername as the login name.


To simplify the setup on iOS, there is a configuration profile WE-Exchange.mobileconfig. Download this profile to your device and then install it (Settings › General).

The following settings are made when the profile is installed:

  1. It sets a password policy and enforces an access code on the device if not already present (as additional protection against unauthorised access).
  2. Via this the »Exchange« server is configured. You only have to enter the e-mail address, we\yourUsername and password.

Extended range of functions for cooperation in groups

»Exchange« is a collaboration software with additional functions beyond pure e-mail software. With its extended range of functions, »Exchange« primarily supports collaboration in teams.

Own Calender

Appointments including reminder functions can be entered in the user's own calendar or generated from e-mails. Appointment requests from other »Exchange« users are visible in the calendar under the status »reserved«.

The user's own calendar can be made available to other »Exchange« users for viewing at different authorisation levels or excerpts can be sent to other people.

Shared calendars from other »Exchange« users are displayed in the calendar view.


Further own calendars can be created and edited; only the first own calendar is integrated on mobile devices and in »OWA«.

Please contact our hotline if you would like more information on calendar use.



Address book and contacts

All »Exchange« users of the »Campus Weimar« (including employees of the HfM and the Bauhaus-Universität) are displayed in the address book as a »global address list«. The entries are sorted by first name, last name. An advanced search function is available.

Individual contacts or contact lists can be created, shared with other »Exchange« users and used.

The entire university address book (including student e-mail addresses in last name, first name format) is provided automatically.

Functional mailboxes (Shared Box)

Several persons can use an additional mailbox with all its functions for joint work. Such a functional mailbox can be requested by project application via the SCC user service. Additionally, one person from the team should be responsible for the mailbox. This person can set up other users for the mailbox. (Instructions on how to do this can be downloaded here as a PDF file.)

You do not need separate credentials for function mailboxes. In both »MS Outlook« and »OWA« (except on smartphones), they are automatically visible next to your personal mailbox.

Create your own contact groups (distribution lists)

You have the option of creating your own contact groups (distribution lists). This is particularly useful if you often want to send an e-mail to a (fixed) group of several people at the same time.

Contact groups could also be made available for use by other »Exchange« users. They can be set up via »Outlook« or »OWA«.

Create your own rules for replies or forwarding

With the help of a rule assistant, you can determine what should happen to certain e-mails. For example, you can have e-mails answered automatically depending on the subject line or presorted into different folders, you could also forward all incoming e-mails (or only those with a certain sender address) to a predefined address.

You can create forwardings for your own mailbox at different authorisation levels; the setup can be done via »Outlook« or via »OWA«.

Requirements for use - move to »Exchange«

In order to use your mailbox with »Exchange«, it is necessary to move your standard mailbox. To do so, please send the filled-out application for migration to the SCC User Service.

You will then receive a message from SCC staff.

Moving your own mailbox to the »Exchange« server requires a migration of the previous mailbox, i.e. moving your previous messages from the standard mailbox to the »Exchange« server. During the migration, the mailbox is blocked, incoming messages are delivered subsequently. After the migration, you must change your password again via the password portal.
Access via »Exchange« then takes place as usual via the server address https://group.uni-weimar.de/owa using your personal user ID (→ see also login area on this page).

To use the »Exchange« account via »IMAP«, please send a request with a short justification to the user service of the SCC. After checking, your account will be activated by the administrators of the »Exchange« server.



Questions, Help & Support

This service is provided by the TU Ilmenau, all administrative activities are carried out by their staff. Questions about the mailbox or the service are therefore solved by the SCC in cooperation with the TU Ilmenau.

If you still have questions about using the groupware, please contact the SCC user service by ticket, by e-mail or by telephone (+49 (0) 36 43/58 24 24).