Security Management Team

Basis of SMT

The Security Management Team (SMT) is anchored in the Gemeinsamen IT-Sicherheits-Leitlinie der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar as a joint body. The members are named there as representatives in their respective functions. The tasks and duties are defined there.

SMT members

Bauhaus-Universität WeimarUniversity of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar
  • Chancellor
    Herr Dr. Horst Henrici
  • Datenschutzbeauftragte
    Frau Magdalene Becker
  • Legal Counsel
    Frau Dr. Steffi Heine
  • Central IT Security Officer
    Herr Klaus Mebus
  • SCC Director
    Herr Dr. Christian Scharfe
  • Chancellor
    Frau Christine Gurk
  • Legal Counsel and Data Protection Officer
    Frau Claudia Democh

SMT Tasks


  • works strategically and is responsible for creating the framework guidelines, updating, implementing and monitoring the IT security process.
  • initiates, manages and controls the implementation of the IT security process, which must include technical and organizational measures of both a preventive and reactive nature, as well as measures for rapid crisis intervention, according to priorities to be defined.
  • documents security-relevant incidents and prepares an annual IT security report with operational group.
  • participates in all relevant planning, procedures and decisions related to IT security by the institutions of higher education.
  • cooperates with other parties involved in the IT security process (information, communication and decision-making channels).


Year 2022

  • New version of the Directive on the Disposal, Sale and Transfer of Data Carriers and IT Equipment (old version MdU 27/2008)
  • Tender and contract Incident Response Service + preparation of flanking emergency measures
  • Completion DFN DoS Basic Protection