Hosting & Microsites

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In addition to the central website, the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar offers its staff the opportunity to set up so-called »Project Websites« (or »microsites«), i.e. websites that they create and maintain themselves. The university offers this service in order to be able to respond to requirements that cannot be met, or are difficult to meet, by the central website.

Scope of services

If you do not see any possibility of implementing your web project within the University's central web presence, please contact University Communications, the Data Protection Officer, the IT Security Officer and the SCC in advance.

Upon application, the SCC will set up an independent microsite for you or provide you with suitable web space. This site will be published under the URL, where you can choose the address part /your-site/ if it is still available.

You can use PHP (latest version) and a database (latest version of MariaDB) in your project site. You can specify this in the project application.

You are responsible for setup, technical maintenance, templating, user management and compliance with internal or legal requirements within your microsite. Click here (PDF, 165KB, in German) for the corresponding regulation and a checklist.


The project application can be submitted by members of the university.

The operation of project websites is always limited to the period specified in the project application. A follow-up application can be submitted to extend the term or to appoint new project leaders. At the end of the project period, the SCC will back up the project website and then delete it.

Administrative access

For regular contend editing, you will normally use your content management system's access.
For installation, updates or technical maintenance, you can request access to the files on your web space. You can also use this access if you work directly with HTML files without a content management system.

If you have hired external people to create and set up your microsite, you can request a User ID (university account) for them,which will be used to access the files stored in the web space.

If your microsite uses a database, you can manage the data directly via SCC's phpMyAdmin interface. For this, please contact our User Service.

Support and contact

If you have any questions about microsites, the SCC is happy to answer them. Simply contact us, we will advise you individually on our services!