password security

Forgot Password

If you have forgotten your password, you have the following options to get a new password:

  1. To have a one-time password ("security code") sent via SMS via the password portal in order to log in once at the password portal and change the password.
  2. Contact the SCC Hotline:
  • via phone: 0 36 43/58 24 24 or
  • personal: 99423 Weimar, Steubenstraße 6a, 2. OG, (please do not forget your thoska)

Sending sensitive Information via a potentially insecure communication technology, such as e-mail, is not possible for security reasons.

Choosing a password

When choosing a password, please note the following guidelines:

  • Length: at least 11 characters, maximum 64 characters
  • at least one capital letter, one lower case letter, one number and one special character but NOT §,  , @, ", :, °, ^ (When using the special characters excluded here, problems were found, at least in some applications.)
  • no umlauts or ß,
  • no personal dates or data
  • no word of any known language (including slang and dialect)
  • no keyboard sequences
  • choose a password you can remember

Please note: Attaching numbers or keyboard sequences to known words results in insecure passwords and thus does not comply with the guidelines above.


  • After registering for the first time, you will be asked to replace the initial password with your own password.
  • User passwords are only valid for 365 days and users are required to change them within this period of time as far as possible. To prevent possible misuse, we recommend changing passwords even more frequently. The SCC will notify you via E-Mail before the password validity expires.
  • If you forget to change your password within the 365-day limit, then it is no longer possible to log in on IT Systems at the University. But it is still possible to log in to the password Portal with your previous credentials.

Password guidelines

  • Keep your password secret
  • Do not give your password to others
  • Be sure that no one is looking when entering your password
  • Do not save your password to a programmable function key or in any unencrypted file on an IT system
  • Change your password immediately if you believe an unauthorised person knows your password
  • Never reuse old Passwords
  • Do not use the password of your account at the Bauhaus-University for external IT services.

Changing passwords

Go to:

Please use your username (in field named Benutzernamer) and your old Password (in field named Passwort) to login.

Please choose the option "Passwort ändern".

When choosing a new Password in "Passwort ändern", please note our guidelines.

Type in your new Password in the fields "Neues Passwort" and "Passwort bestätigen" and then click the button "Passwort ändern".