Adobe Named User Licences (NUL) for employees

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar joined the federal contract of the Adobe company together with the other Thuringian universities. The costs incurred for this were financed centrally via the Permanent Working Group Software Thuringia (SAGS).

Adobe provides so-called named user licences of the »Adobe Creative Cloud for Enterprise« for employees within the framework of the Adobe ETLA contract.

Every university employee is entitled to use the Adobe products including »HomeUse«.
Activation for logging into the Adobe portal must still be requested via the SCC. 

Since the costs have been taken over centrally, the impression of permanent use without costs for the staff's areas is often created. Nevertheless, contracts are finite and financing a follow-up contract is always uncertain. Therefore, it makes sense to also familiarise oneself with alternatives.
The Leibniz Computing Centre in Bavaria has created a website with alternatives for Adobe:

Procedure for employees:

1)    Complete the Binding Software Request form and email it to software[at] . The Funding section does not need to be filled in as the software has already been centrally funded.

2)    The authorisation to use the software is activated for the person applying at the SCC. All relevant information for registration via the user synchronisation service of the Thuringian universities for Adobe NUL will be sent by e-mail to the person applying.

As part of the registration process, the following data (in the example Max Muster) is transferred to Adobe Creative Cloud:
First name: Max          
Last name: Muster
User name:
E-mail address:

Please note:

When using Adobe products for business or private purposes, you automatically use the Adobe Cloud as well. For this reason, it is not compulsory to use Adobe products in class!

Licence conditions: