Publishing WWW pages

Symbol: Publish websites

All members of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar have the opportunity to create and publish their own homepage.

How do I publish a private homepage?

Please carry out the following steps for publication:

  • Step 1: Create homepage documents locally.
    The start document must be index.html.
  • Step 2: The files must then be transferred via FTP to the server in the directory  public_html.
    VPN connection must first be established from outside the university network.
  • Step 3: Test the homepage: It has the URL
    (Please replace ~loginname with your own user ID.)

For transferring data via FTP with »WinSCP«, »FileZilla« or »WebDrive«, we have compiled further information with instructions on installation and download, establishing the connection and aspects of security.


Legal notice

Please note that by publishing a private homepage on the web server of the Bauhaus-Universität, you become the content provider, with the consequence that, according to § 7 I TMG (German Telemedia Act), you are responsible for the information that you make available for use, in accordance with the general laws under civil, criminal and copyright law.