8. Protect the computer from unauthorized access

Do not leave your computer unattended, if you are logged in. Log out, lock access (e.g. by simultaneously pressing Windows key + L) or activate a screen saver with secure password, if you leave your job, even if it is only a short period of time.
Switch off your computer when you leave your job for a longer time, such as for example the closing time. Attackers prefer potential absences.

Enable password protection on the screen saver:


    • Enter "screen saver" in the Windows search field and select "Change screen saver".
    • Activate the "Login page on reactivation" and define the waiting time.

    Mac OS X:

    It is required that you log on with your login and password. If this is not the case, contact your Administrator.

    • Click "Security & Privacy" under System Preferences.

    Note: to see also the pictures in English go to: Link

    • Select "Require password ... seconds after sleep or screen saver begins."
    • Click "Desktop & Screen Saver" under System Preferences.
    • Select a screen saver if you have not already done so.
    • Then click on "hot corners" in the lower left Corner.
    • Activate the "Screen saver" in the corner of your choice (in the Picture lower left corner).
    • Move the mouse over the active corner of the screen, and the screen saver with password protection is activated immediately.

      Note: The screen saver password is your login password.

    Lock computer:


    • Press the [Ctrl], [Alt], and [Del] keys at the same time. Press the "Block workstation" button.
    • Lock the system by pressing [Windows key] and the [L] key simultaneously.

    Mac OS X:

    • Press the [ctrl] and [CD Eject] buttons simultaneously.
    • In the now visible window, activate the idle state.
    • To return to work, you must enter your login Password.