Requesting user certificate

ChangeFrom now on, we will only issue certificates for users of the Bauhaus-Universität.
Users from the HfM should contact their IT staff.

Registration takes place via Shibboleth.
Search for »Bauhaus-Universität Weimar« and click on the entry.

Enter your login and password in the login screen.
Click on Login.

Under Term*, select »730 days« by clicking.

Select »Key Generation« under Enrollment Method. The key is generated on the Sectigo server.

Under Key Type*, select »RSA-4096«.

Assign a secure password to protect the private key. Do not use the password of your university account.

Repeat the password entry under Password Confirmation*.

For Choose key protection algorithm, select »Compatible TripleDES-SHA1«, as the other option may cause problems with different operating system versions.

Now click in the field in front of  »I have reed an agree to the terms of the EULA«.

The End User Licence Agreement (EULA) is displayed. Read it and confirm it by clicking on »Agree«.

Now the check mark in front of »I have read and agree to the terms of the EULA« is set.
Click on »Submit«.

The generation of the certificate begins. A notice window appears.

If you receive an error message instead, please write a short mail to pki[at]uni-weimar.deWe will then make adjustments and you can continue the process.

A confirmation message appears that the certificate has been successfully created.

Now double-click on the file to continue with »Importing the certificate into the Windows certificate store«.