Tasks and Team

What is the MTS and what does it do?

The Media Technical Service (MTS) is responsible for operating the central lecture halls and seminar rooms.

Its remit is divided into the following areas:

  • Planning and equipping central lecture halls and seminar rooms
  • Standardisation of media technology, operation and maintenance
  • On-site, e-mail and telephone support in the event of malfunctions
  • Support with planning and preparation of events
  • Briefing of staff who provide operational support for the (teaching) events (e.g. eTutors)

The MTS helps you organise the technical things around your event. In doing so, we look for simple, uncomplicated and promising solutions.

Members of the MTS

As a matrix organisation, the MTS has no staff of its own, but consists of staff from the faculties and the guarantee area.

Currently, the MTS comprises 7 people:

  • Berke Inöntepe (Faculty A+U / Support)
  • Uwe Knaf (SCC / Support)
  • Christian Massier (SCC / Support)
  • Steven Mehlhorn (SCC / Video technology/ -design)
  • Annekatrin Pfeiffer (SCC / Support)
  • Frank Thomas (Faculty M + KG / Technology)
  • Jens-Uwe Wagner (Faculty B / Organisation)