Spam filter and antivirus protection

All e-mails that reach or leave the central mail server of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar are automatically checked for viruses. Students, employees and members of the university should thus be protected as best as possible from unwanted e-mails as well as e-mails with viruses.

As a user, what do I have to consider or do?

  • The checking of incoming or sent e-mails is done automatically, you do not have to do anything else yourself.
  • Only e-mails that successfully pass the virus and spam checks are delivered. There are no e-mails marked as spam in your mailbox. Consequently, you will not find a »Spam« menu item in your e-mail box, where unwanted e-mails or e-mails classified as sensitive are usually moved to.

What happens to e-mails that are classified as spam?

  • E-mails that are classified as spam are isolated by the system. These are kept by the system for 21 days (so-called »e-mail quarantine«).
  • If e-mails are »quarantined«, the respective recipient is informed via an official e-mail. The notification takes place once a week.
  • It is not necessary to process the spam e-mails unless you want to have e-mails delivered to your mailbox (click on »release« in the info e-mail). Otherwise, they are automatically deleted after 21 days.

Example view of the message for an e-mail in »quarantine«:

Further general information

  • The virus and spam protection covers the domains (and sub-domains), as well as the domains and
  • Virus and spam protection for mail addresses is provided by a uniform system for the Thuringian universities, an Ironport appliance. The SCC is not able to detect failed delivery attempts of e-mails that are already rejected by the Ironport appliance.
  • Furthermore, in the IronPort quarantine notification it is not possible to use the item »release and add to safe senders list«, as this requires a central log-in/password system in Thuringia, which currently does not exist.
  • For e-mail addresses of other domains hosted at the university, the spam protection is omitted, only a virus check is carried out.