Further tools for the detection and removal of malware

Notice: The tools mentioned below can be helpful in the event of a malware infection. However, the SCC has not tested every tool and therefore does not make any recommendation here and does not assume any guarantees, especially with regard to effectiveness and functionality.

System access blocked after scam call from a supposed »Microsoft« employee

Ransomware: Identification / Decryption Tools / General Information

Ransomware such as extortion Trojans, blackmail software, crypto Trojans or encryption Trojans are malicious programmes that restrict or prevent access to one's own computer and the use of one's own system and data.

Identifying Ransomware:

  • ID Ransomware: Link
  • Ransomware Gallery: Link

Decrypt ransomware (decryption tools):

  • Kaspersky Ransomware Decryptor: Link
  • Ransomware Response Kit: Link
  • The No More Ransom Project: Link
  • Trend Micro Ransomware File Decryptor: Link
  • AVG - 6 free decryption tools: Link

General information and help on the topic:

  • BSI: Ransomware - Threat Situation, Prevention & Response: Link to PDF document
  • Alliance for Cyber Security: Emotet Information Pool: Link
  • Heise: Ransomware: How to remove encryption Trojans: Link
  • botfrei.de: The Ransomware topic page with information and tips, Ransomware gallery with all currently active encryption Trojans and links to existing decryptor tools: Link
  • bleib-virenfrei.de: Ransomware list incl. decryptor (for decryption): Link


  • Tool for removing the so-called BKA or GVU/GEMA Trojan horse: Link

Microsoft Safety Scanner

  • The Mircrosoft Safety Scanner can be used in parallel with installed virus scanners. It scans the system for the presence of malware and can remove it.

Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool

  • The Microsoft Windows tool (Malicious Software Removal Tool) checks computers with Windows operating systems for infections by certain widespread malware and assists in their removal. The tool can be installed and used separately, but is also provided via Windows Update/ Microsoft Update.

G DATA FakeAVCleaner »System Tool«

  • For the removal of fake virus protection programs, so-called scareware, the company G Data offers a free cleaning program.


  • Program for experienced users that can help detect browser hijackers. It is also possible to detect spyware and other malware with the program, which scans specific areas of the registry and hard disk.

RootKitRevealer 1.71 from Bryce Cogswell and Mark Russinovich

  • Tool for detecting user-mode or kernel-mode rootkits

Rootkit Hunter

  • Tool to detect RootKits under most Linux and *BSD distributions.

Portable/ Standalone Malwarescanner

  • Overview of 22 antivirus scanners that can be started from a mobile data carrier (USB stick, etc.) to check a system for malware:

Online scanner for checking for malware and security risks

Checking files for malware with various AV scanners:

Checking websites for security risks with various AV scanners: