When transmitting data over potentially insecure networks, such as the Internet, the use of encryption procedures offers protection against the unwanted disclosure of information.
Examples of use are the transfer of data from the home PC, which is not in the university network, to one's own home directory on the university servers, access to protected university web pages or the entry of sensitive information (log-in/password) from external computers. Encryption is indispensable for the storage and transmission of personal data in order to comply with legal requirements.

Appropriate standards are established at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar for encrypted communication and the necessary measures are taken. Solutions for encryption are set up as standard on centrally administered computers. Furthermore, the SCC refers to solutions for the individual encryption of data carriers or files (at the user's own responsibility).

Encrypted communication at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Overview of measures and solutions:

Encryption of data mediums

For centrally administered BSI-compliant Windows clients (laptops and PCs), »BitLocker«encryption is activated by default. The option also exists for self-administered Windows systems. With »BitLocker to go«, encryption of mobile data carriers (USB sticks, external hard drives) is also possible.

For the protection of sensitive data (especially also on Linux and MacOSX systems), the open source program  »VeraCrypt« can also be used.

File encryption

The free software »7-Zip« can be used for the individual encryption of individual files (instructions). »7-Zip« is installed by default on the centrally administered systems.

For the convenient encryption of a larger number of files, the creation of containers with the tool »VeraCrypt« mentioned under »Encryption of data carriers« is a good idea. The encrypted container file contains the VeraCrypt drive, which can be easily integrated into your own system. Everything written to this drive is encrypted.
Notice: »VeraCrypt« is not suitable for cooperative work, or only to a limited extent (parallel multi-user access to an encrypted drive is not possible, only one after the other).

ATTENTION: The use of the solutions mentioned here is at your own risk!