Help for password generation

There are various methods that can be used to generate secure passwords or passwords in accordance with the SCC guidelines. The following procedures can be used.

Acronym method

Step 1: Choose any sentence that they can remember well by yourself.
Important: The selected sentence should not be a famous quote or similar.

Step 2:
For the password, you then use the first letters of the words (or word components) of the sentence and insert (additional) digits or special characters in appropriate places.
If the sentence already contains a larger number as in the example below, it becomes even easier. You just remember the number and optionally press the shift key when generating and using the password, thus using the corresponding special characters and achieving the required complexity.


Arbitrarily chosen sentenceGenerated password
»We became football world champions in 2014.«WeBeFwCi"01$

Additional hint: If you normally use a German keyboard and do not have a German keyboard available, e.g. during a business trip, you should know the special characters you used in your password, but you can also derive them quickly, see:

Collage method

Procedure: Choose several short words and combine them with numbers and special characters. Both upper and lower case letters should be used.


  • Mut-3Eis
  • Reh?Tip7

Another alternative in collage method: You can also choose any word and translate it into another language. Then take two or three letters from these words (beginning of word, middle of word, end of word) and connect them with numbers or special characters.


  • »Fahrer« and »driver« become »FAH8dri0«
  • »Spiegel« and »mirror« become »GeL4+rOr«

Word defamiliarisation

Procedure: Choose a word, deliberately misspell it and then replace individual letters with similar-looking numbers or special characters.


  • »Blockade« become »P(OK4dE«

Use of passphrases

Important: Only use with longer passwords!

Procedure: For longer passwords (considerably longer than the 11 characters we require), memorable passphrases (a longer string of word combinations) can be used.
It is important not to use familiar phrases or quotations from books or songs. You can use dialect, the combination of different languages or fancy terms and word combinations that seem senseless.
Due to technical restrictions, the use of spaces in passphrases is unfortunately not possible at present.


  • »Ickbinoch2020vondiepasswordregelnvollanjenervt!«
  • »Sitzen2u_Booteinderbadewanneundloetennudeln«