Digital Conferences

To conduct online seminars, video and web conferences, employees, students or members of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar can choose between the video conferencing service »BigBlueButton« (BBB) or the service »DFNconf« provided by DFN-Verein.

Online seminars and video conferences with »BigBlueButton«

To conduct online seminars, please use »moodle«and the video conferencing service »BigBlueButton« (BBB) included there.

Hartmut Hotzel, Leiter des SCC der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar zum Thema BigBlueButton und Zoom

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You can jump directly to the individual questions via the marks in the timeline:

  • 00:01 What tools does Bauhaus-Universität use to support online teaching?
  • 00:41 How do the systems differ?
  • 02:00 Re »BigBlueButton«: Is an open source system powerful enough for online teaching?
  • 03:42 Can you describe the technical developments in »BBB« in more detail?
  • 04:36 You just mentioned »Zoom«: why don't we use »Zoom«?
  • 05:45 How do you see the technical development in Germany?

Video conferences with »DFNconf pexip«

With the »DFNconf« service, the DFN association offers users in the science sector the opportunity to conduct video, audio and web conferences. The platform can be used to conduct video conferences with excellent video and audio features. All that is needed is a web browser. Clients do not have to be installed separately. The service currently supports 23 active participants with video images.

Use for moderators and event organisers

  1. If you would like to host or moderate a web conference, please log in via the DFN organiser portal:
  2. The second step is to set up a meeting room.
  3. Now send an invitation to all participants of the web conference.

    » Download manual

Usage for participants

Participants of a video conference please use the link from the invitation email of the moderator or the organisers.

  1. Join the meeting room via the link in the invitation.
  2. To gain access to the room, you must enter the guest pin, which is also included in the invitation.
  3. In the last step, you enter your name so that all participants can identify you.

    » Download manual

Recording, streaming and presentations

With »pexip« you can also make recordings of your meeting. It is also possible to stream and display presentations.

Please note that the participants of the meeting must be informed about the recording before it starts.
In addition to the right to one's own image, organisers must also take into account copyrights (e.g. in the case of presentations) as well as any contractual restrictions (e.g. confidentiality clauses) and service instructions of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.
You can find more detailed and additional information on this in the technical documentation at

Support for »DFNconf pexip«

The SCC provides first-level support for the video and telephone conference solution (»pexip«) of the DFN association. Please send messages and enquiries about »pexip« by e-mail to nutzerservice[at]