Protect your computer from infection with malware, such as viruses, worms, and Trojan horses using a virus scanner or a software with advanced protection functions (anti-spyware, anti-RootKit, anti-phishing, etc.). The installation of such software, however, is not sufficient for effective protection. The actuality and the proper configuration of the main features of the program is crucial for effective protection.

If not activated by default, you should always make the following settings:

  • on-access scan always activated,
  • perform a weekly on-demand scan of the entire system,
  • run automatic update at least once a day.

The SCC provides Sophos malware protection for Windows and Mac OS X for the whole staff of the university (employees and students). This malware protection should be used on all IT systems of the university and may also be used on private systems during the contract period, as long as you belong to the university. SCC managed IT systems are delivered with the Sophos malware protection and are integrated into the central malware protection management - the Sophos Enterprise Console.

You can download the software and the documentation here.

Also for Android smartphones is recommended the use of a malware protection. You can find the latest test results at AV-Test.

The download is only possible from a computer at the university or after establishing a VPN connection.
If you are using the central managed version, no further adjustments are necessary after the installation in order to obtain effective protection.

Never install an run different malware protection solutions at the same time on your computer!
You must assume that a malware protection interact with each other, which can have a negative effect on their correct functioning.