Network connection of workstation computers

Technical requirements

  • Installed data network socket with HABNET connection
  • Workstation computer with network adapter card
  • Cable for connecting data network socket with computer

With the application for network connection, the SCC checks whether a data network connection is already available. If this construction work has not yet been carried out, the application will be pursued by the SCC until it is implemented. In individual cases, a period of several months may elapse until the construction work is completed, as the provision of funds and a bundling of applications are necessary.


For systems that do not have an integrated network adapter card, the network adapter card must be procured or financed by the applicant. A free slot and also a free interrupt must be available for the installation of the network adapter card. It is urgently necessary to consult the SCC in this regard so that a suitable network card (bus, cable, network protocols) is procured. The requirement to consult the SCC also applies to the acquisition of the cable for the connection between the data network socket and the computer.

For data network integration, an online application (basic application) must be submitted by the authorised system administrator. Network integration also requires that the user has a user name for the system with which they wish to work in the future.
The computer name can be chosen by the applicant.


Processing method
If a data network connection socket (according to section1) is available, an IP address, domain name and further characteristics (netmask, broadcast address, etc.) are assigned for the specific case and communicated to the applicant by his responsible system administrator.