Setup procedure

WebDAV Setup under Mac OS X

Note: Access to the web storage is only possible within Bauhaus-Universität. If you connect externally, please use our VPN solution.

WebDAV Setup:

--> For older OS X operating systems up to OS X 10.10 please follow these instructions.

As of OS X 10.11, follow the next steps:

For operating systems OS X 10.11 and higher, the operating system-supported variant Apple+K works, unfortunately.
(e.g. with »«) read only. Files cannot be saved back.
That is why the Cyberduck utility can help here.

Cyberduck is a file transfer program that can handle several protocols including WebDAV.
Editing files directly from the application does not work here, but files can be loaded locally, then edited in the application, and then uploaded again.

here you can download Cyberduck:

After unpacking the zip file, the Cyberduck file is copied to the Program Files folder. Double click to open the following window:

Click on the small plus at the bottom left --> select protocol »WebDAV (HTTPS)« --> name is freely selectable --> copy »« without »« into the clipboard and paste it into the field Server --> enter username and password --> afterwards you have access to the project directories with a double click on the created directory.

Now files can be downloaded from the project directories and uploaded again after local editing.