Urban Minorities III: Madaba, Jordanien, März 2014

Impressions of the third Urban Minorities workshop

Mosaic in Madaba
Where to go on the day-off (c) Özge Altin
Preparing for the final presentation
Preparing for the final presentation
Visualizing Results
Final Presentation
Final Presentation
Hai Al-Qaisya, a quarter which is about to be demolished for upscale housing and office developments
Big plans for Al-Abdali the ´New Downtown´ for Amman
Visiting Al-Abdali the ´New Downtown´ for Amman
Prof. Dr. Frank Eckardt, Dr. Ra’ed Qaqish, Prof. Dr. George Hazboun, Prof. Dr. Yasser Rajjal
Prof. Dr. Maram Tawil
Razam Ati with an inhabitant of Hai Al-Qaisya
Yasser Rajjal explaining the specifics of a Syrian Mosque
Circassian neighbourhood with a view - Wadi as-Sir (c) Wandarose Kharputly
Workshop participants following the presentations at the GJU (c) Halla Barajakly
Prof. Dr. Rami Daher
Dr. Janset Shawash
Amman seen from Rainbow Street

Some visual results of the workshop

Presentations for the workshop