An dieser Stelle finden Sie Informationen zu den Doktoranden und deren Forschungsprojekten, die aktuell durch die Professur »Sozialwissenschaftliche Stadtforschung« betreut werden. 


Jinia Sharmeen | Social inclusion: The role of accessible housing - the Context of Dhaka

Ruweida Aljabali | Consequences of Refugee Population on the Urban System Resilience of Diverse Cities


Ahmet Soguktas | The impact of national and international efforts on the adaption and livelihoods capacities of refugee youth at trees cities: Berlin, Istanbul and Amman

Motalebi, Mahgol | My House is your House... Defining the Methods to create rich contact and communication between residents and newcomers by the means of spatial organization​

Reem Hossam Mahmoud Fahmy  | Titel der Dissertation: "Improving the Resilience of Floodplains Communities against Socio-Ecological Vulnerabilities."    


Imam Hegazy | Titel der Dissertation: "Unseen Needs, Unseen Integration Barriers: The Female Syrian Refugees in Weimar. A Quest on their Resources and Impact on the Development Potentials in Weimar."   


César Torres  | Titel der Dissertation: "The territory of the central dairy basin of the Argentinian Republic as a cultural landscape: a construction from planning and transdiscipline." Kontakt: cesar.torres[at]

Ailen Suyai Pereyra  | Titel der Dissertation: "Urban Transformations in traditional neighborhoods of the city of Cordoba. Continuities, tensions and breaches in the inhabit practices, the case Alberdi and Guemes neighborhoods between 2000 and 2015."Kontakt: ailen_sp90[at] 


Julia Simona Grüter-Bîrgaoanu | Titel der Dissertation: "The Vernacular Dimension of Contemporary Housing in Romania." Kontakt: simona.birgaoanu[at]


Lika Sharifi Sadeghi | Titel der Dissertation: "Planning for difference: promoting citizen participation and integration in a superdiverse neighborhood-Case Study: Brunnenviertel, Berlin."                                                                                                                     Kontakt: lika.sharifi.sadeghi[at]


Laura Torreiter | Titel der Dissertation: "When Building Culture Meets Migrant Culture: Appropriation of Heritage Houses by Immigrant Owners in Leipzig." Kontakt:

Moses Katarega | Titel der Dissertation: "Enhancing the participation of local communities in the preservation and sustainable use of Uganda's urban heritage."



An dieser Stelle finden Sie Informationen zu den Doktoranden und deren Forschungsprojekten, die durch die Professur "Sozialwissenschaftliche Stadtforschung" betreut wurden und mittlerweile abgeschlossen wurden.


Hanieh Shamskooshki (Mai 2014) | Titel der Dissertation: "Governing social diversities of metropolitan regions in contrast to non-functional boundaries, Tehran Metropolitan region as case study." Kontakt: hanieh.shamskooshki[at]

Riham Hassan Moustafa Elrasoul (Februar 2014) | Titel der Dissertation: "Designing Urban National Memory." Kontakt: riham.elrasoul[at]


Yomayra Puentes-Rivera (Oktober 2013) | Titel der Dissertation: "Urban soundmarks: an inquiry of recollections bounded to places." Kontakt: yomayra.puentes@uni-weimar


Maria Olegovna Skivko (April 2012) | Titel der Dissertation: "Fashion in the city and City in the Fashion: Urban Representations in Fashion Magazines"

Younkyoung Sung (Oktober 2012) | Titel der Dissertation: "The Narratives of Cultural Tourism in the former GDR cities: The Case of Thuringia." Kontakt: younkyoung.sung[at]

Thomas Kusitzky (Juni 2012) | Titel der Dissertation: "Konditionen einer auditiv-städtischen Gestaltungskultur. Bestimmung der wesentlichen gesellschaftlichen Voraussetzungen für das Entstehen bzw. Bestehen einer Gestaltungskultur, die sich mit der auditiv-ästhetischen Dimension der Stadt befasst." Kontakt: mail[at]


Si Hyo Lee (2011) | Titel der Dissertation: "A study the future urban after the unification of north Korea through the cities changed in the unification of east Germany."


Tatiana Sergeevna Reshetnikova (Juli 2010) | Titel der Dissertation: "Unique architecture influence on the development of megacity space." Kontakt: reshettarch[at]