Volume 1

The consequences of the industrial transition with regard to its social, political and architectural effects are the issue of this book. Today, the basis of urban growth lies more in the hands of those who consume and therefore organize their social potential. As the consumption city is not simply one new industry that comes next, the mixture of different life styles is the necessary matrix for revitalization of urban life. Difference and diversity are challenging manifold the management of this transition, wherefore no blue print for the urban regeneration can be produced. Consumption valorizes the cultural capital of every place and transmits it to the market. Drawing on the unique history of the place, the diversification of the post-industrial city requires a specific approach addressing the local in its characteristic potentials and threats.

Edited by Frank Eckardt and Dieter Hassenpflug
Consumption and the Post-Industrial City
Series: The European City in Transition Vol. 1
282 pages paperback
Peter Lang AG Verlag 2003
Frankfurt/M., Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien
ISBN 978-3-631-39469-4
US-ISBN 978-0-8204-5979-0