Advanced Multi-Frame Rate Rendering


This paper presents advanced multi-frame rate rendering techniques, which remove limitations of the original approach and reduce artifacts. The interactive manipulation of light sources and their parameters affects the entire scene. Our multi-GPU deferred shading splits the rendering task into a rasterization and lighting pass and distributes the passes to the appropriate graphics card to enable light manipulations at high frame rates independent of the geometry complexity of the scene. We also developed a parallel volume rendering technique, which allows the manipulation of objects inside a translucent volume at high frame rates. Due to the asynchronous nature of multi-frame rate rendering artifacts may occur during migration of objects from the slow to the fast graphics card, and vice versa. We show how proper state management can be used to avoid these artifacts almost completely. These techniques were developed in the context of single-system multi-GPU setups, which considerably simplified the implementation and increases performance.


Springer, J. P., Lux, C., Reiners, D., Froehlich, B.
Advanced Multi-Frame Rate Rendering
Proceedings of the IEEE Virtual Reality 2008 Conference, pp. 177–-184, 2008.
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