Visual Monitoring of Photovoltaic Systems


We developed a scalable visual analytics framework for managing and analyzing hundreds of geographically distributed photovoltaic systems. These systems deliver performance parameters at different levels as well as environmental parameters. Our web-based framework gathers the data in a central server and allows comparisons of production values across time and photovoltaic systems, analysis of component failures and reporting errors. It is in daily use by a regional energy provider for over one year and its capabilities for fluent interaction and versatile configuration of visualizations from overviews to performance parameters of detailed components of individual systems are highly appreciated. 


  • Harder, J., Riehmann, P., Wölfel, S., Krause, T., Froehlich, B.
    Visual Monitoring of Photovoltaic Systems
    EnvirVis 2016, Groningen, The Netherlands, June 2016.
    [preprint, video]