Order-Independent Transparency for Programmable Deferred Shading Pipelines

In this paper, we present a flexible and efficient approach for the integration of order-independent transparency into a deferred shading pipeline. The intermediate buffers for storing fragments to be shaded are extended with a dynamic and memory-efficient storage for transparent fragments. The transparency of an object is not fixed and remains programmable until fragment processing, which allows for the implementation of advanced materials effects, interaction techniques or adaptive fade-outs. Traversing costs for shading the transparent fragments are greatly reduced by introducing a tile-based light-culling pass. During deferred shading, opaque and transparent fragments are shaded and composited in front-to-back order using the retrieved lighting information and a physically-based shading model. In addition, we discuss various configurations of the system and further enhancements. Our results show that the system performs at interactive frame rates even for complex scenarios.


Schollmeyer, A., Babanin, A., Froehlich, B.
Order-Independent Transparency for Programmable Deferred Shading Pipelines
Computer Graphics Forum 34(7), pp. 67-76, 2015.