<a style="display:inline;" href="/en/media/chairs/computer-science-department/vr/people/17882/">Prof. Dr. Bernd Fröhlich</a> · <a style="display: inline;" href="/en/media/structure/computer-science-department/">Computer Science for Digital Media · HCI</a>

Stereoscopic 6-User Displays · Group-to-Group Telepresence · Collocated and Distributed HMDs

Interactive Exploration of Multi-Dimensional Datasets · Large Touch Displays · Time Series Data

3D Input Devices and Transfer Functions · 3D Selection · 3D Manipulation · 3D Navigation

Depth Image Warping · NURBS · Deferred Shading · Real-Time Ray Tracing

Close and Distant Reading · Argumentation Structures · Writing support · Plagiarism Analysis

Efficient Rendering of Large Point Clouds · Large Height Fields · Large Volumes

The Virtual Reality and Visualization Research Group is part of many international research project consortia.

Our research group develops software in different research and application areas.