"two - 4 - six" - A Handheld Device for 3D-Presentations

Using the gyroscopic rotation sensor to indicate directions.


We introduce a novel one-handed input device for 3D interaction. Its functionality is based on a classification and valuation of used degrees of freedom in common VR applications like Architecture review, Virtual Museums or Games, where navigation is the predominant interaction mode. The two - 4 - six device allows efficient and comfortable control of six degrees of freedom with the fingertips. The device contains an  additional gyroscopic rotation tracking sensor to indicate directions for movement or selection.


Kulik, A., Blach, R., Fröhlich, B.:
The two-4-six: A Handheld Device for VR Presentations
IEEE Symposium on 3D User Interfaces 2006 (3DUI), pp. 139, 167 - 170