Time-Series Plots Integrated in Parallel-Coordinates Displays


We present a natural extension of two-dimensional parallel-coordinates plots for revealing relationships in time-dependent multi-attribute data by building on the idea that time can be considered as the third dimension. A time slice through the visualization represents a certain point in time and can be viewed as a regular parallel-coordinates display. A vertical slice through one of the axes of the parallel-coordinates display would show a time-series plot. For a focus-and-context integration of both views, we embed time-series plots between two adjacent axes of the parallel-coordinates plot. Both time-series plots are drawn using a pseudo three-dimensional perspective with a single vanishing point. An independent parallel-coordinates panel that connects the two perspectively displayed time-series plots can move forward and backward in time to reveal changes in the relationship between the time-dependent attributes. The visualization of time-series plots in the context of the parallel-coordinates plot facilitates the exploration of time-related aspects of the data without the need to switch to a separate display. We provide a consistent set of tools for selecting and contrasting subsets of the data, which are important for various application domains. 

Papers and Documents

Gruendl, H., Riehmann, P., Pausch, Y., Froehlich, B.
Time-Series Plots Integrated in Parallel-Coordinates Displays
COMPUTER GRAPHICS forum ,Volume 35 (2016), Number 3 (to appear),
EuroVis 2016, Groningen, The Netherlands, June 2016.