Course Visualization

  • Instructor: Prof. Dr. Bernd Fröhlich
  • Teaching assistants
    • Dr. rer. nat. Patrick Riehmann
    • M.Sc. Carl-Feofan Matthes
  • Lecture schedule 
    • Thursday, 15:15-16:45
    • First lecture on 07. April 2016
    • Location: SR 015, Bauhausstr 11
  • Lab class schedule 
    • First lab class: Tuesday, 19. April 2016
    • Tuesday, 17:00 - 18:30 (Bachelor Students)
                      18:30 - 20:15 (International Masters)
    • All lab classes will take place in the Lint Pool, Bauhausstr 11 
  • Office hours by appointment only
  • Target audience
    • B.Sc. Medieninformatik/Mediensysteme, 6. Semester
    • M.Sc. Medieninformatik/Mediensysteme
    • M.Sc. Computer Science and Media (1. and 3. Semester)
    • M.Sc. Human-Computer Interaction
    • M.Sc. MediaArchitecture
  • ECTS Credits
    • 4.5 Credits (MI, CSM, HCI)
    • 4 Credits (Mediensysteme)

Course Description

The first part of this course presents fundamental and advanced information visualization techniques for multi-dimensional and hierarchical data, graphs, time-series data, cartographic and categorical data. During the second half, algorithms and models for the scientific visualization of volumetric and vector-based data as well as corresponding out-of-core and level-of-detail techniques for handling very large datasets are introduced.

Various approaches presented in lectures will be studied, in part practically through labs and assignments, and with case studies. Lab classes focus on implementing, testing and evaluating the visualization approaches presented during the lectures. This course will be taught in English.


  • No lecture on July 14.

Oral Exams

  • Regular exam period: September, 26-29
  • To sign up for an exam, please contact Frau Becker (secretary Computer Science and Media) <medieninformatik[at]> at least one week before the exam date.
  • Oral exams have a duration of about 30 minutes
  • Location: Room 117, Bauhausstr. 11
  • If you really cannot participate in the examination (eg. being abroad ) in the regular examination period (September 26 to 29), please send an email including justification to the instructor and ask for an alternative date in October. This is likely to be offered in the first week of the winter semester (October 17 to 20) . Please apply for the alternative date only in the exceptional cases mentioned. You may also apply for an oral exam to be held before the examination period in September by individual arrangement with the instructor.
  • You have to register for the exam at least one week before the examination. A cancellation can be done until 3 days before the exam. A new application for a later date during this exam cycle is possible only if the cancellation was due to illness (requires medical certificate) or similar reasons.

Final Project

In the final student project, students develop and implement a small visualization system, building on the foundations taught in the course. The individual topics of the student projects should be coordinated with the lab class instructors. For submission of the final project results, students are asked to deliver the source code as well as a short written report (1-2 pages) detailing their idea and approach to the topic. Student projects are graded based on the report and a public presentation to the instructors and the other students at the beginning of next term. Each group has to present their running system along with a few overview slides. The deadline for the submission of the projects and the date of the project presentation will be announced in the lab classes.

  • Deadline for submission of student projects: September 12
  • Date of the student project presentation: September 14, 10 am, DBL top floor


Lecture notes (pdf)

The documents from last year serve as a basis and will be further developed. The lectures were also recorded in 2015. The video material and the lecture pdfs are only available for your personal use! By downloading the material you agree that you do not further distribute it. The pdfs files are only available from within the university network or through vpn.

Lab class material

Information Visualisation (Contact: patrick.riehmann(at)

 Scientific Visualisation (Contact: carl-feofan.matthes(at)


  • Final exam will be an oral exam covering all topics of the course
  • Appointments for oral examination can be made with the computer science secretary (R112, B11)
  • Grading Information
    • 20 points can be achieved in the lab classes
    • 30 points can be achieved in the final student project
    • The following scheme lists the grades depending on the percentage of the achieved points:
      • 1.0   >=95.0
      • 1.1   [93.5-95.0)
      • 1.2   [92.0-93.5)
      • 1.3   [90.5-92.0)
      • 1.4   [89.0-90.5)
      • 1.5   [87.5-89.0)
      • 1.6   [86.0-87.5)
      • 1.7   [84.5-86.0)
      • 1.8   [83.0-84.5)
      • 1.9   [81.5-83.0)
      • 2.0   [80.0-81.5)
      • 2.1   [78.5-80.0)
      • 2.2   [77.0-78.5)
      • 2.3   [75.5-77.0)
      • 2.4   [74.0-75.5)
      • 2.5   [72.5-74.0)
      • ...
      • 3.0   [65.0-66.5)
      • ...
      • 4.0   [50.0-51.5)
      • Less than 50% is insufficient for an admission to the oral exam.
  • Contributions to the final grade
    • assignments:  20%
    • final project:   30%
    • final exam:     50%