Project Visualization of revision-based text corpora

Prof. Dr. Bernd Fröhlich
Dr. Patrick Riehmann


15 Credits (Medieninformatik (M.Sc.), PV29)
15 Credits (Computer Science and Media (M.Sc.), PV 11)
15 Credits (HCI (M.Sc.))


Im Rahmen des Projekts sollen neue Visualisierungen und Interaktionsformen für die Analyse revisionsbasierter Textkorpora entworfen und implementiert werden.


The focus of this project is designing  and developing interfaces and visualizations for analyzing data contained in revision-based text corpora. During the first stage of the project we will analyse and categorize recent approaches for visualizing textual data ( In a second stage, every student will design his/her own novel visualizations and interaction techniques for depicting and surveying textual changes and revisions at different levels of detail. These visualizations will be implemented in a new web-based prototype especially intended for providing access to revision-based text corpora such as the Webis-TRC-12 (that compiles manually written documents obtained from a completely controlled, yet representative web-like environment) and being a testbed for such kind of development.


Erfolgreicher Abschluss der Vorlesung Computergrafik (oder einer vergleichbaren Veranstaltung), Grundlegende Kenntnisse in C++ und OpenGL


Lectures in computer graphics, visualization and web search and information retrieval are an ideal prerequisite for the project.


Selbständige Mitarbeit im Projekt, aktive Einbringung in Gruppenarbeit, Desgin und Programmierung von Testanwendungen, zwei bis drei Vorträge, Abschlusspräsentation, schriftliche Dokumentation


Self study, active participation in the project, design and programming of test applications, two to three intermediate presentations, presentation of final project results, written report

Richtet sich an:

BSc Medieninformatik, MSc Computer Science and Media, MSc Human-Computer Interfaces