The YoYo: A Handheld Device Combining Elastic and Isotonic Input


The YoYo with a cylindric centerpiece and a single button

We present a new input device for controlling three-dimensional graphics applications: the YoYo. The device consists of three elastically connected rings in a row, which can be moved relative to each other. The center ring holds a tracking sensor and a few application programmable buttons. The left and the right ring are elastic six degree of freedom controllers. The device is designed for two-handed interaction and combines elastic force input and isotonic input in a single device. Compact size, symmetric shape, and the elastic properties result in a “soft” and responsive feel of the device.

We have used the YoYo for navigation and manipulation in three-dimensional graphics applications in the area of data exploration and scientific visualization. An informal user study and user observations have shown that novice users are quite confident with the device after a short introduction, and that most users alternate between using elastic rate control and isotonic control for navigation.


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  • Simon, A., Fröhlich, B.
    The YoYo: A Handheld Device Combining Elastic and Isotonic Input
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