The Cubic Mouse


The Cubic Mouse

We have developed a new input device that allows users to intuitively specify three-dimensional coordinates in graphics applications. The device consists of a cubeshaped box with three perpendicular rods passing through the center and buttons on the top for additional control.

The rods represent the X, Y, and Z axes of a given coordinate system. Pushing and pulling the rods specifies constrained motion along the corresponding axes. Embedded within the device is a six degree of freedom tracking sensor, which allows the rods to be continually aligned with a coordinate system located in a virtual world.

We have integrated the device into two visualization prototypes for crash engineers and geologists from oil and gas companies. In these systems the Cubic Mouse controls the position and orientation of a virtual model and the rods move three orthogonal cutting or slicing planes through the model. We have evaluated the device with experts from these domains, who were enthusiastic about its ease of use.


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