Conference Report

HUMANITARIAN CITY, SOLIDARITY STATE? Rethinking strategies of inclusion of refugees

On 5 and 6 December 2019, the Chair of Urban Studies and Social Research of Bauhaus-Universität Weimar organized a bilingual conference entitled „Humanitarian City, Solidarity State? Rethinking the strategies of inclusion of refugees“. The conference took place as an so-called URBAN THINKERS CAMPUS in cooperation with UN-Habitat and the Thuringian Commissioner for Integration, Migration and Refugees, Mirjam Kruppa.

The conference addressed the following questions from a scientific, political, activist and artistic perspective: How can Thuringian cities create a good life for all their inhabitants - no matter what nationality or residence permit they have? How can cities in Thuringia become „safe havens“ for all those who risk their lives fleeing to Europe? What could a Solidarity State of Thuringia look like?

The URBAN THINKERS CAMPUS is a global initiative of the World Urban Campaign of the UN-Habitat settlement programme. Scientists, representatives from politics and administration, members of international, regional and local organisations and initiatives as well as students met in Weimar for two days to discuss scopes of action for (inter-)municipal migration policies and strategies for an inclusive and humanitarian city. The aim was to conclude this unique format with concrete proposals for a Weimar and Thuringia standing in solidarity with people seeking refuge. In addition to lectures and discussions, a WALK OF ART by the international art programme „Art in Public Space and New Artistic Strategies“ was also part of the programme. Furthermore, the conference was preceded by a student-led seminar of art and urban studies students dealing with Solidarity Cities, Migration and Borders and developing student-led workshops and interventions for the conference.

Photo documentation of the conference

5.12.2019: Opening

5.12.2019: WALK OF ART

5.12.2019: Lectures and discussions

6.12.2019: Impulses and workshops