Technical Description

The Globefish is a novel desktop input device for efficient three-dimensional object manipulation and viewpoint navigation. The device was developed for the 3D graphics applications such as computer aided design (CAD), digital content creation (DCC) and 3D games. The Globefish consists of an elastically suspended 3D trackball, which provides a natural mapping for position-controlled 3D rotations. 3D translations are rate-controlled through small displacements of the trackball against the elastic counterforces of the elastic suspension. The device is operated by the fingertips allowing for precise interaction with virtual objects.


Kulik, A., Hochstrate, J., Kunert, A., and Froehlich, B.
The Globefish: A 3D Motion Controller.
In Proceedings of the 2009 IEEE Virtual Reality Conference, pp. 299-30, 2009.