Professor of Virtual Reality Systems

Prof. Bernd Froehlich is a full professor with the Media Faculty at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. His research interests include real-time rendering, visualization, 2D and 3D interfaces, multiviewer display technology, and support for tight collaboration in colocated and distributed virtual environments. Froehlich has a PhD in computer science from the Technical University of Braunschweig. He is a cofounder of the IEEE Symposium on 3D User Interfaces and received the 2008 Virtual Reality Technical Achievement Award.

Publications and Awards

Professional Experience

  • Since 2001   Professor of Virtual Reality Systems at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
  • 1998 - 2001 Senior researcher with the VMSD group at the GMD (Dr. Martin Göbel), St.Augustin
  • 1995 - 1997 Research associate with the Computer Graphics group in Computer Science (Prof. Pat Hanrahan), Stanford University
  • 1994            Visiting researcher Computer Graphics group (Prof. Richard Bartels), University of Waterloo
  • 1993 - 1995 Postdoc with the viswiz group at GMD (Dr. Wolfgang Krüger), St. Augustin
  • 1992/1993   Visiting researcher Computer Graphics group (Prof. Omaira Rodriguez, Prof. Marco Paluszny), Universidad Central de Venezuela
  • 1989 - 1993 Research assistant with the CAGD group (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Boehm), Technical University of Braunschweig
  • 1988 - 1989 Research assistant with the Graphics group (Prof. Hans Hagen), University of Kaiserslautern
  • 1982 - 1988 Studies of computer science at the Technical University of Braunschweig

Research Interests

  • Basic and applied research in Virtual Reality and 2D and 3D User Interfaces
  • Visualization and rendering algorithms for very large image, volume and CAD datasets
  • Information visualization of static and dynamic graphs
  • Visual text analytics

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