You can download the program as a pdf-file here. A detailed program including all abstracts can be downloaded here.

Thursday, December 4th, 2014

14:00-14:30    Opening Plenary - Oberlichtsaal (Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 8)

14:30-18:00    Impacts of the global financial crisis on cities in Greece (Moderation: Sebastian Schipper, Oberlichtsaal)

Maria Zifou (University of Thessaly, Volos): Greek cities in crisis: governing for the market

Dimitra Siatitsa (INURA, Athens): Changes in housing and property under a multiple crisis regime in Greece: challenges for movements and the left

Short break 16:30-17:00

Costis Hadjimichalis (Harokopio University, Athens): Resisting austerity at multiple scales

19:00-20:30    Jamie Peck (UBC, Vancouver): Normalized austerity, American style (Moderation: Barbara Schönig, Oberlichtsaal)

Friday, December 5th, 2014

09:00- 09:15   Opening

09:15-11:15    Parallel session 1: Impacts of the global financial crisis on cities in Europe

Panel 1: Urban austerity (Moderation: Arvid Krüger, Oberlichtsaal)

Dimitris Poulios (NTUA, Athens) & Thanos Andritsos (Harokopeio University, Athens): Between “exception” and “business as usual”. Greek urban policy towards a new paradigm?

Joe Penny (UCL, London): Downloading austerity: the post-politics of austerity urbanism and localism in London

Felix Wiegand (Goethe University, Frankfurt): Austerity urbanism in Germany: A multiscalar view on debt brakes, emergency managers and the struggles over (local) democracy

Dieter Rink & Annegret Haase (Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung, Leipzig): Municipal austerity regimes and public participation. Using the example of Leipzig

Panel 2: Housing crisis I (Moderation: Achim Schröer, Lecture Hall B)

Maria Karagianni; Matina Kapsali (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki): A new socio-spatial order in crisis-stricken Greece: the legitimization of the housing crisis and the (in)visibility of the new marginals

Laura Calbet (CMS, TU Berlin): Making sense of housing crises: The rhetoric of austerity and growth in financialized Berlin

Stefania Animento (University of Milano Bicocca): Moving to Berlin from the European South: Push and pull factors in the context of inter-urban uneven development

Knut Unger (Tenants Association Witten): The financialization of rental housing in Germany

11:15-11:45     Coffee break

11:45-13:45    Parallel session 2: Impacts of the global financial crisis on cities in Europe

Panel 3: Urban governance and planning (Moderation: Piero Sassi, Oberlichtsaal)

Athanasios Papaioannou (Leuphana University Lüneburg); Simone Tulumello (Universidade de Lisboa); Giancarlo Cotella (Politecnico di Torino); Frank Othengrafen (Leibniz University, Hannover): Cities in crisis. Socio-political and socio-spatial implications for territorial governance and spatial planning

Philipp Katsinas (King's College London): Crisis and neoliberal hegemony: urban policies in Thessaloniki

Robert Ogman (De Montfort University, Leicester): “Blending social and financial returns”: Social Impact Bonds as crisis governance strategy

Christian Smigiel (University of Leipzig): Crisis – Austerity – Smart City… Urban governance and policy-making in Southern Europe

Panel 4: Housing crisis II  (Moderation: Joscha Metzger, Lecture Hall B)

Ícaro Obeso Muñiz (Universidad de Oviedo): Geographical analysis of evictions in Spain

Elodie Vittu (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar): Does the concept „Right to the city“ fit to the situation in Budapest?

Silvia Aru, Matteo Puttilli (University of Cagliari): Shades of (in)justice. Right to the city and right to the housing in Sant’Elia - Cagliari

Iva Marčetić (Zagreb): From producing to owning the city: Housing and the urbanism of transition in ex-Yugoslavia

13:45-14:45     Lunch break

14:45-16:45    Parallel session 3: Impacts of the global financial crisis on cities in Europe

Panel 5: Urban conflicts and contestations (Moderation: Britta Trostdorff, Oberlichtsaal)

Cesare Di Feliciantonio (Sapienza-Università di Roma & KU Leuven): Squatting in Rome and Barcelona: new processes of subjectification of “indebted men” under the neoliberal/austerity urbanism continuum

Daniel Mullis (Goethe University, Frankfurt): “The crisis is over” – Time to Rethink Athens?

Julia Tulke (Free researcher, Berlin): Austerity urbanism and insurgent creativity tales of crisis from the walls of Athens

Sebastian Schipper (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar): Urban social movements and the struggle for affordable housing in Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Panel 6: Urban infrastructure and public services (Moderation: Marit Rosol, Lecture Hall B)

Elena Besussi (UCL, London): Extracting value from the public city. Urban strategies and the state-market mix in the management of municipal assets

Katja Thiele (Humboldt-Universität Berlin): Who governs? Property policy in Berlin. An analysis of the political field and its power relations.

Anastasia Roukouni (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) & Basil Stefanis (Democritus University of Thrace): Value Capture as a tool to finance urban transportation infrastructure in the era of crisis

Daniela Patti (Vienna Technical University) & Levente Polyak (Central European University, Budapest): Informal infrastructures: Bottom-up community services and social solidarity in Rome

16:45-17:15     Coffee break

17.15- 18:15   Margit Mayer (CMS, Berlin): Urban social movements in times of Austerity politics (Oberlichtsaal)

18:15-18:30    Closing Plenary