Forschungs- & Studienprojekte

Sommersemester 2020

Forschungsprojekt Ma. U.

Study Project Ma. "EUS"

The childfriendly city

Teacher: Prof. Dr. Frank Eckardt

Study programme: MA European Urban Studies, MA Urbanistik

8 SWS / 12 ECTS

Language: english

The aim of this project is to promote the topic of child-friendly urban planning on the basis of two cities in Poland (to be decided later after a desk study) and Germany (Altenburg) which, under conditions of shrinkage, shape the living conditions for children. It is being explored how small towns can actively deal with the fact that there are fewer children on the ground and many young people want to leave these cities. How can institutions such as schools, sports clubs or kindergartens act in such a way that children do not suffer from vacancy, emigration and missing educators, teachers and friends? How could be chances fort he social and intellectual development for young poeople strenghten? The project is to be implemented with local partners who are actively involved in working with children and thus can provide insight into the everyday lives of the adults. It is linked to the ongoing debate about the inclusive city. It is also intended to encourage both cities to benefit from the experiences of the UNESCO network "Childfriendly city". The mutual exchange should sensitize to existing scope in the city for more participation of children in everyday life and their special needs in the center.