18th International Model Project Forum

XIII. International Model Project Forum
19.04. - 20.04.2018 | Weimar

Reflective Urban Practice
Pathways to Integrated Urban Development & Design

The title of this year’s forum “Pathways to Integrated Urban Development and De-sign” is directing us into a new chapter of the master’s programme and at the same time looking back to the starting point. Dedicated to an interdisciplinary mindset with a holistic view on urbanism bringing together urban development, planning, design, and society the “Model Projects” will leave the Europäische Urbanistik after 19 years and become part of our programme “Integrated Urban Development and Design” starting from October 2018 on at the bauhaus.institute for experimental architecture (ifex) at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism. With this step we hope to further develop the idea of an integrated approach on urban issues, being supportive and strengthening practice and design in a holistic way and also looking for many inspirations and exchanges as we also intend with this year’s Model Project Forum.​