WS 2010/11

Choudhury, Zishan Fuad
Morphological Transformation in the Mughal Arena.
A Strategic Approach to Revitalize the Essence of ‘Katra’ in the Historic Dhaka (old part)
Prof. Christ)

Chandrashekar, Srikanth
Tanks to Lakes. Disappearance, Inference and Relevance to the City of Bangalore     
(Erstgutachter: Prof. Christ)

Schmidt, Daniela            
Shopping and the City.Analysis, Urban Impact and Implementation of Innovative Retail Concepts
(Erstgutachter: Prof. Christ)

Arq. Eipper, Susan         
Neighborhood Regeneration and Boundaries of Influence. The case of the program Social City in Germany
(Erstgutachter: Prof. Eckardt)

Nolde, Hendrik
Imagebildung in Gebieten des Programms “Soziale Stadt” am Beispiel Jena-Winzerla
(Erstgutachter: Prof. Eckardt)

Ghanavizchian, Sharareh
Social Exclusion and in Clusion in Public Sphere in Iran
(Erstgutachter: Prof. Eckardt)

Schneider, Michael       
What does Segregation mean? A qualitative Case Study of Rüsselsheim 
(Erstgutachter: Prof. Eckardt)

Loupis, Angelos              
Berlin, Urban Planning in the Modern Context of the Economy Market 
(Erstgutachter: Prof. Welch Guerra)