WS 2013/14

Naranjo, Juan E.
(De)coding public space: Evidence from experiments in Medellin, Colombia
(Erstgutachter: Prof. Eckardt)

Mutlu, Elis
Urban Restructuring and Patterns of Housing Development in the Netherlands.
Case study: Hoogvliet
(Erstgutachter: Prof. Eckardt)

Didem Ilvan, Dilan
Reading and  Defining Spatial Interactions of Urban Space in Besiktas, Istanbul
(Erstgutachter: Prof. Welch Guerra)

Eckert, Karl Henry
European Territorial Cohesion in Thuringia:
Towards Integrated Spatial Planning
(Erstgutachter: Prof. Welch Guerra)

Noman, Elza
Challenges to the old city Sana´a
(Erstgutachter: PD Dr. Kegler)

Mehdipour, Armin
Sustainable Urban Regeneration through Brownfield Development;
Reviving Mehrabad Airport by Exploration into the German Experience
(Erstgutachter: PD Dr. Kegler)

Mitte, Katja
Urban Place or Urban Stage?
The urban qualities of strategic temporary use.
The case study of #MarketStreet in Bradford
(Erstgutachter: P
rof. Nentwig)

Mukhina, Tatiana
Moscow microrayons: problems, tendencies and perspectives.
(On the case of Biryulevo-Zapadnoe)
Prof. Eckardt)

Cubides, Sonia
The Brand as an urban revitalization Instrument ‘City-IKEA’ store
in Altona, Hamburg
(Erstgutachter: Prof. Eckardt)

Hofmann, Stefan
Stadtentwicklung mit Zwischennutzungen am Beispiel der Wagenhallen
in Stuttgart
(Erstgutachter: Prof. Eckardt)

Rampeltshammer, Christiane
Shanghai´s Ghost Districts.
Influences of New Town Planning on the Local Real Estate Market
(Erstgutachter: Prof. Nentwig)