Master Seminar

2700 Years of History - Understanding the urban layers of Naples

In hardly any other Italian town – except of Rome –tradition and constant renewal are as closely spaced and overlapped as in the charismatic city that climbes up the hills surrounding the gulf of Naples. Like in many cities, whose origination goes back to Antiquity, also in Naples numerous layers of time are placed one above the other. Every ruling dynastic house and government continued to transform and to shape the city with their own architectural heritage. Interestingly, all the different layers, including the antique Neapolis - are all still perceptible today. 

Focusing on Naples urban and architectural history the seminar course complements the Design Project iAAD (Naples). By studying the urban development we will try to dissect out the formative phases and their architectural characteristics. Furthermore, we will analyze important topics and sites to understand the urbanistic and architectural specifics of Naples historic old town.

The inclusion of historical building questions in the design process is considered as an expanding and inspiring input supporting the students in their search for an appropriate architectural solution. 


Literature: A detailed list of references will be handed out at the start of the seminar.


Target Group: participants of the IAAD-Design Project Naples

Lecturer: Dr. Daniela Spiegel 

Proof of Academic Achievement: regular and active participation, presentation, paper

Credit Points: 6 ECTS

Max. No. of Participants: 25 students

First Meeting: April 5th, 2016

Date: Wednesdays, 9 a.m.