Model Project Guidelines

1. Content of the Model Project
The agreements with Model Project Partners are in regard to particular projects. Their extensive integration within the project of the Project Partner which has been agreed upon is binding for both parties. Integration within other projects may only occur if these are relevant within the thematic context of the for experimental architecture (ifex). In doubt, the coordinator of the institute the should be consulted.

The internship agreement includes a research assignment. Its integration into the particular work process needs to guarantee the ability to extensively acquire knowledge of the structure of the project and the Project Partner. Expressly intended is the ability to contact relevant personnel, transfer between departments and intensive integration into meetings and exterior contacts of the Project Partner. Possibilities of intensive inquiry and research work should be made available.

2. Financing
Usually, a working contract is signed with the Project Partner, guaranteeing a limited special status within the Model Project. The payment needs to be considered for each particular case. We consider a monthly payment of 750.00 Euro per month as an appropriate compensation for our postgraduate students, or a comparable compensation, also in regard of the local rental market for housing, i.e. like providing accommodation or other compensation. The compensation surely also depends from the different professional experience and academic degrees of our postgraduate students.

3. Project Report and Evaluation
Parallel to project oriented tasks, the presentation of an extensive project report is a central objective of the working contract. The project report consists of at least 25 pages (choose landscape or portrait format according to what is more useful for the project you relate to) and is the basis for the intended publication on the Model Projects
” “European Urban Studies. We are Europe-based but not Europe-centered and our vision of urban studies lays beyond borders - knowing that the influences among different cultures spheres today is a part of how cities are developed. Knowledge exchange that nevertheless identifies how different approaches to solve urban problems and to identify solutions and strategies have a special value.

Part of the work on the report will be introduced within the “Model Project Forum" in a lecture of 15 minutes + a debate. The report is reflecting practice (in design or research or strategic development etc.) but should use the proper way of scientific writing by using adequate sources (original sources like plans etc., texts, images) and quoting properly.

It is recommended to include the following aspects:

a) Description of the project structure of the Project Partner

  •  legal construct
  •  history and context related to the current urban discourse
  • tasks / projects of the student
  • clients and partners
  • working structure, management concept and hierarchic patterns
  • leadership and communication structures

Model Projects to which you have collaborated

  • project description
  • legal construct, financing
  • client and partners
  • team profile and disciplinary structure/tasks of disciplines involved
  • project history
  • classification and context of the project related to a broader urban discourse

Your tasks within the Model Project

  • range and field of activity
  • competence and tasks within the project
  • team work
  • acceptancy and experience

b) Evaluation

Beyond this, we expect a critical analysis and reflection of the Model Project within the field of topics of

  • Classification of the project within the contemporary discourse of urbanism
  • evaluation of the innovative character of the Model Project
  • evaluation of the success of the Model Project

During your Model Project time we recommend to write a Project-Diary. Also, from the beginning on, material should be collected and a well-executed documentation of the Model Project (photos etc.) should be conducted.

A successful Model Project internship, Model Project Forum and Seminar is of decisive importance for the success of the study. Only by intensive collaboration with interesting Model Project Partners from the various disciplines participating in the field of urban design/urban research/administration/project development may fulfill the expectancy of contributing to the development of a new planning culture.

The team of the study programme and teachers of the Institute wish you a successful Model Project!