Multi-User Virtual Reality

Photoportals build on digital photography as a unifying metaphor for reference-based interaction in 3D virtual environments. Virtual photos and videos serve as three dimensional references to objects, places, moments in time and activities of users. Our Photoportals also provide access to intermediate or alternative versions of a scenario and allow the review of recorded task sequences that include life-size representations of the captured users.

Implementing an immersive telepresence system that allows distributed groups of users to meet in a shared virtual 3D world.

A projection-based stereoscopic display for six users, which employs six customized DLP projectors for fast time-sequential image display in combination with polarization.

Implementing Multi-Viewer Time-Sequential Stereo Displays Based on Shuttered LCD Projectors

Combining Wave Field Synthesis and Multi-Viewer Stereo Displays

Enabling Face-to-Face Discussions of Novel Car Interface Concepts

An architecture for smooth motion in virtual environments

An interactive stereoscopic display system for two or more users

to correct Non-Linear Distortion for Curved Virtual Showcase Displays

A new Virtual and Augmented Reality display device