Project Interaction in Social Virtual Reality

Prof. Dr. Bernd Fröhlich
M.Sc. Pauline Bimberg
M.Sc. Tim Weißker

DegreeStudy ProgrammeExamination RegulationsECTS
M.Sc.Computer Science for 
Digital Media
PV18 and lower15
M.Sc.Computer Science for
Digital Media
M.Sc.Computer Science and Mediaall15
M.Sc.Human-Computer InteractionPV17 and lower15
M.Sc.Human-Computer InteractionPV1912/18


Many virtual reality interfaces in the past have primarily focused on providing immersive experiences for individual users. Recent developments, however, steer more and more towards collaborative virtual environments which allow both collocated and geographically distributed users to meet and interact with each other in a shared virtual space. 

In this project, we will explore the manifold interaction opportunities that collaborative virtual environments offer. Together, we will analyze the capabilities of existing systems and develop novel solutions in a research area of your interest. Potential topics in this regard could include, for example, the appropriate representation of users and their roles, group navigation, enabling effective and efficient group work, and dealing with nested object hierarchies.

If appropriate, we encourage and support the submission of your successful solutions developed in the project to an upcoming academic conference in the form of a small research paper or poster.


Programming skills as well as the successful completion of the course "Virtual Reality" are useful prerequisites. To work in distributed virtual environments, participants should have access to a fast Internet connection as well as a powerful computer with a graphics card. If necessary, Weimar-based students can borrow appropriate hardware from our group.


Active and regular participation in the project work, intermediate oral presentations, final report