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Group-to-Group Telepresence · C1x6 · Stereoscopic 6-User Display

The Netspeak Wordgraph · The Product Explorer · Interactive Sankey Diagrams

3D User Interfaces · The Spheron · 3D Navigation on Mobile Computing Devices

Depth Image Warping · NURBS · Deferred Shading · Real-Time Ray Tracing

Ray Casting of Multi-Resolution Volumes and Height Fields

Large Point Clouds · Large Height Fields · Large Volumes

The Virtual Reality and Visualization Research Group is part of many international research project consortia.

Our research group develops software in different research and application areas.

Keywords: Virtuelle Realität Immersive Virtual Reality System Visualization Research Remote Collaboration Group Navigation Teleportation Level of Detail Virtual Texturing 3D Scans Point Clouds RGBD Sensor 3D Telepresence 3D Video Avatar HMD Head Mounted Display Shutter Glasses GPU Acceleration Structure Algorithm Fitts’s Law 3D User Interface Collocated Collaborative Shared Virtual Environment Workspace Projection Multi-Display Setups Multi-User Bernd Froehlich