Information Visualization

A new technique for seamlessly transitioning between parallel coordinate plots and scatter plots, a description of polycurve star plots and a geometrically motivated method to embed scatter points from a scatter plot into star plots and parallel coordinate plots.

A multitouch vocabulary for interacting with parallel coordinates plots on wall-sized displays beyond arms' reach.

A short-contact multitouch vocabulary for interacting with scatterplot matrices (SPLOMs) on wall-sized displays.

An interactive visualization aiding users in making informed decisions about large product data sets consisting of quantitative and categorical attributes.

Direct-touch centered paradigms for exploring time series data visualized in a coordinated multi-view display.

A scalable visual analytics framework for managing and analyzing  multi-variate time-series data of hundreds of geographically distributed photovoltaic systems.

A natural and seamless extension of two-dimensional parallel-coordinates plots for revealing relationships in time-dependent multi-attribute data by building on the idea that time can be considered as the third dimension.

HistoGlobe is an interactive historical geographic information system (HGIS) that provides students with gathered and curated historical information for self-study and aids teachers during history classes.

An interactive parallel coordinates display for facilitating the selection process of products with many attributes. Users can quickly narrow down the product search to a small subset or even a single product by using our visual query interface.

A system for visualizing food ingredients with a glyph-based approach aimed at children between the ages of four and eight, approximately.

A system that allows users to interactively explore complex flow scenarios represented as Sankey diagrams.

A tool to interactively visualize and explore medium sized topic maps.